Lost and Found

So, welcome to this little corner of the internet, all about my adventures of owning a cottage in the middle of the Finnish woods as an American who lives and works a few thousand miles away on the West Coast of the USA.

Between the whirlwind life I’ve been leading the past 15 years and the current state of the US, and the world, having a place to escape from the world just 9 minutes walking from my favorite spot in the world, seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Had I known about the forrest floor raking requirement before I purchased my 1.62 acres of forrest, I probably would have bought something smaller… ok, not really.

We’ll get to the logistics of how it all came about in a blog post but this little adventure got its start back in 1999 when I was just a wee lass of 14 years. Since then I’ve traveled to 43 countries and despite living and working in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world (San Francisco Bay Area), I am a property owner at the ripe old age of 33 1/2 (minus 5 days) in 2018.

Did I mention I’m afraid of the dark?

Or that the cottage doesn’t have indoor plumbing?

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