Scared $hitless, literally

Have you ever actually been “scared shitless”? Ever stopped to think about what the sayings we use actually mean? Or read one of the many listicles circulating titled “25 Sayings You’re Using Wrong!”? Could you actually careless? How intensive is your purpose? 

While I have stopped to think about some English idioms over the years, I never really stopped to consider, is it actually possible to be scared shitless? What does it actually mean? Does it mean so scared you poo uncontrollably until you’re out of poo? Does it mean you are so scared you can’t poo? For the non-swearers out there, you may use ‘scared witless’. Substitute ‘poo’ for ‘think’ and it’s kind of the same thing. For all intents and purposes of this story (see what I did there…) both versions can be applied. 

Getting back to the point, I decided this was the perfect first FinlandFridaypost on my new spin-off blog. If you haven’t read the “About Me” section yet, you should do that, then come back and continue this post… Ok, not really. Here’s the relevant highlight – I’m afraid of the dark. Which, is the perfect phobia to have if you just purchased a small cottage in the woods somewhere that only gets 5 hours and 49 minutes of daylight on Dec. 21st…

We start this tale at dusk, on a foggy November day. 

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